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A normal household will need approximately 8Kva. This is suitable for basic needs like lights fridge, 1 geyser, TV and kettle. Also needs not to use too many appliances simultaneously. The Ideal size for normal household is 12Kva, with this you runs a house with ease and normal as if it is on municipal power. That is when it is 1 phase, and the house has a standard breaker of 65A.

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Petrol Generators is normally high speed generators, this means that it runs at 3000rpm. With this it is smaller, and lightweight, and easy to move around, some bigger models also have wheels. Another positive look is it is cheaper than most diesel models to buy. It is good for use as a manual generator for short periods of time. Maintenance is not too expensive for renowned brands. Petrol generators downfall is fuel consumption, especially on the larger models, also fuel storage, and it is also not too good for a petrol generator to be stored for a long period with fuel still in the carburetor, as petrol tends to gel and block the main jet. The carburetor than needs to be cleaned by professional personnel.

Diesel generators is ideal for automatic use, especially because of the diesel fuel, it is fuel injection and this means that starting is not a problem in a longer period. Generators needs to be started often, petrol and diesel models. Diesel powered generators is expensive, even the high speed generators. Diesel generators is fuel efficient. My opinion, if you can afford it, and your requirements is power generation for long periods, than diesel is the answer.

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AMF or (Automatic Mains Failure) is Mains failure detection, Generators with AMF consist a means of monitoring the mains and start when it detects that the Main Power has failed. It can be setup different ways. The Newtontech Power Pack Range is fitted standard with an AMF Panel, manufactured by Deep Sea Electronics. This is a PLC that monitors not only the incoming power but also the generator.

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ATS or (Automatic Transfer Switch) is a devise that changes the power from main power to generator power, it is an alternative power switch, for your house or business. Another important aspect is the ATS switch size must be the size of the biggest supply, either your mains supply, or your alternative power source like a generator.

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Prime Power: Prime power is the measurement given for a generator size in KVA for constant use in normal environment situations, there is also other factors involved like sea level, and power factor.

Standby Power: Standby Power is the measurement given for a generator size in KVA for one hour, this means that a generator can deliver a higher load than prime power for a short period, after that you can run into engine and alternator temperature problems, and the generator than needs to cool down at prime power or lower to cool down. After the cool down period, it will be able to take standby power load again for one hour, and the cycle starts again. This is needed mostly for machinery startup situations, and therefore a generator size can be determined from this.

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An AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) is a device that regulate volts, it also prevent an alternator not to excite at low startup speeds. Some avr’s also protects the alternator from overloading and more. It is always useful for more sensitive power consumers like computers and servers, and electronic devices. It keeps the volts in a narrow volts band. The complete Newtontech Power Pack range is equipped with AVR’s.

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