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Generator Sales, Support, Parts and Technical Support in South Africa.


G Generators, complex machines that generate power for any electrical use, equipped with complicated fuel systems, fitted with an automatic voltage regulator to supply steady power at the correct volts and frequency with the correct engine speed. Why should you then settle for second best, when the best and latest technologies is at hand at a very competitive price?

generator setThis is where we come in. Newtontech manufacture and supply this complex machines using leading brand names like Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, and Stamford to build our machines to perfection. Generator-sets that deliver every time, any time, when you need it.

We are based in Pretoria East, Our services include sales, support, installations, and delivery all over South Africa. Turnkey solutions from Cape Town up Louis Trichardt.

Our Power Pack generators starts from 12 Kva up to 800 Kva, special generators up to 2000 Kva. Custom generator sets options like stainless steel canopies, fuel pumps, heaters and more is available.

Our motto is to manufacture generators that is cost effective and long lasting, we support our product range and maintenance plan options is available. We also offer different colour schemes to blend in to your existing business or home, many options to choose from. Professional and technical support a phone call or e-mail away. Our generators deliver.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators that lasts and perform above expectations. Our generators do this, first the engines is rated at prime rated power, then we choose engines with the latest technologies in design and fuel system. This is very important for fuel efficient performance. Another important aspect is the alternator, direct coupled, brushless with AVR. This ensures no vibrations, and no maintenance, only one bearing in the back. Diesel engine and alternator mounted on fail safe rubber mountings, this ensures no rattles and stable, no vibration on the chassis. This is standard and is not optional in the Power Pack range. We now have an improved exhaust systems designed and tested with the latest technologies, back pressures is within diesel engine manufactures parameters. This ensures a silent but high performance exhaust systems that delivers. When you buy a Power Pack diesel generator, you can be assured that the given power specification is what our generators deliver. Our generators is manufactured in Pretoria, engines origin from Germany, Sweden, and USA. Alternators from the USA, all supplied with original manufactures guarantee, and certified. There is no question about it when buying any Newtontech Power Pack diesel generator. We do not stop here, all parts and components used is of the highest quality and tested prior to fitment. Diesel generators that deliver any time.


  • Quality generators
  • Support nationwide.
  • Parts and service anytime.
  • Simple to use fully automatic.
  • large stainless diesel tanks fitted.
  • Turnkey generators, delivered and installed.
  • Leading brand engines, alternators and parts is used and fitted.
  • Complete built in protection for the engine and alternator.


  • Now we are ready for load shedding, can’t wait for the main power supply to go off! Chris Botha
  • My business got the advantage now, I am rest assured. Piet Scheepers
  • We did not even think twice for our next generator, Newtontech is our first choice! Large business group

Power Pack Generator Sets Standard Options

  • Reliable
  • Large Integrated Fuel Tanks
  • Fail Safe Engine and Alternator Mountings
  • Leading Brand Components
  • Enclosed Silent Canopy
  • Stainless Steel Door Locks
  • Quality Design, Bolted Together with High Tensile Plated Bolts.
  • 300 Kva and Bigger Fitted Standard with Online Monitoring GSM and LAN
  • Industrial Generators
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